Technology: Changing the Industry of Entertainment with Online Gaming and Music

Online entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the world. With the rise of technology, it has experienced more and more fandom from all around the world. The two avenues within online entertainment that have gone through the most changes and improvements have to be online gaming and the music industry.

Online gaming has gone through its own things, such as improved gaming versatility and an increase in immersive experiences, whereas music has experienced a far greater reach than ever before and artists can experience heightened freedom. This is all due to technology, a topic that this article aims to further uncover. 

The Versatility of Online Gaming Due to Tech Improvements

The Versatility of Online Gaming Due to Tech Improvements

Technology has had a huge impact on the different types of games players can play today. Before you were stuck with one game, however, now there are many different ones out there, plus there are also many platforms, such as, which offer some of the most exciting opportunities. 

Therefore, luckily for players, the technology that is included in gaming software makes it possible for players to get their hands on some of the most versatile and immersive games out there. This is a huge plus for online gaming platforms with thrilling games as they are now able to offer some of the most enticing ones to their gamers. An important factor within the world of online gaming is the fact that software developers are now able to create extremely interesting themes and topics within the games themselves. This means that gamers who have a keen passion for basketball, for example, can find the coolest features and tools in the next NBA 2K game. For those who prefer football, they can look forward to many different ways of setting up teams on their beloved FIFA platform. There are so many different games out there, ranging from the classic arcade-themed games that have come back into fashion to Dota 2 upgrades and everything in between.

How Technology has Impacted Music

Music has never seen as much attention as today. With digital streaming platforms taking over, such as Apple and Spotify, artists from all over the world are able to actually put their music out there and have it heard. Before, record companies were in charge of an artist’s success and were able to tie them down in a contract for years, however, now artists have far more creative and legal freedom than ever before. This is all due to the fact that technology has become so reliable and advanced. People are now able to publish their songs and EP’s from the most remote parts of the world and others all across the globe can listen to it. Just think about all the artists that you can now find on social media sites like Instagram or TikTok. These are often independent artists who simply create their own accounts and then start sharing their music. This is something that is revolutionary in the world of music. 

Safety and Security for Online Gaming and Music

One vital area that has been massively and positively affected by the world of technology is the safety and security that players now experience when it comes to online gaming. The thought of sharing personal information and data into either a mobile phone or desktop might have been something that players were a little shy to do, however, with the rise of tech, safety software has become almost impenetrable. Just think about the strength and quality of blockchain technology, for instance, a prime example of the anonymity and transparency that online players now experience. As you can imagine, this has naturally given rise to more interest in playtime as people feel safer and more protected when logging onto their favorite portals.

This is much the same with music, as artists are not able to securely and safely share their music, without the fear of it being stolen or of not receiving the royalties owed to them, as there is a digital trace to everything they now do. Just think about famous rappers such as Drake, Central Cee or even old giants like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Eminem – these are all artists who advocate for the right to own their own music, so that they may have more power over their own creativity. 

An Interesting Merger Between Online Gaming and Music

As you can see from the above, technology has somehow managed to positively impact very different avenues within online entertainment. Many people would not compare the worlds of music and online gaming, however, there are a lot of similarities, such as the creative freedom, the ability to create and send music and games on a far more global scale and being able to protect gaming players and music listeners and artists through increased digital security. 

Also, what many do not know, is that music actually plays a big role in many online gaming platforms. If you have ever played GTA or NBA 2K, you will know that you can play a wide variety of games and that these make a big impact on the game itself. Being able to listen to popular music while driving around in your Ferrari on GTA is something that is very special and unique and is only possible due to the rise of tech.